Food & Wine Pairing in 2016 – 3 secrets from the chef of La Vista!

Our very own Chef, Kelly Lewis of La Vista, Cape Town’s Top Restaurant, is opening this month with a culinary journey that will take your tastebuds on an adventure of a lifetime.

Having traveled the world as a chef, collaborating with top sommeliers in the industry, Kelly has perfected her skills in the fine art of Food and wine pairing.

Kelly states the following ” The reason why we pair food and wine is to enhance the flavours of each, all too often customers only focus on the food. But no, this is not the case, and they are missing out on the best part of this flavour-filled experience!


Food and wine pairing at La Vista

3 secrets to food and wine pairing in 2016 – Kelly Lewis

1. Be courageous – This is your adventure, get stuck in, there is no right or wrong, time to break down those limiting assumptions and throw yourself into the paradox of taste!

2. Be inquisitive – We have 5 tastes, which are; savoury, bitter, salty, sweet and sour. These are your, tastebuds, get to know them!

3. It’s not one or the other – Think about the food and the wine, their history, their taste, their preparation and then the fusion as a whole.


Food & Wine Pairing Infographic by Winefolly

Kelly not only offers a wealth of knowledge across the winemaking and culinary traditions globally, but has returned to her roots on South African soil, to share her expertise and offering at Cape Town’s Top Restaurant, La Vista!

The Grand opening of La Vista is around the corner, and two lucky readers stand the chance of winning a food and wine pairing evening on us! Email us here!

Give your tastebuds a treat and Reserve your seat!

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